Huffington Post calls Roy D. Mercer Funniest Man in America!

Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy at Huffington Post, today declared our very own Roy D. Mercer the funniest man in America!

Here’s the opening of the Huffington Post article:
The funniest man in America is someone you’ve probably never heard of. His name is Brent Douglas, and his comic persona is a rustic, angry fellow named Roy D. Mercer.
For 30 years and until very recently, Douglas and his late partner Phil Stone were the morning DJ’s at KMOD-FM in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Posing as Mercer, Douglas called people at work and complained about some bizarre problem he claimed they’d caused. He then demanded payment or promised “an all-day country ass-whuppin’.”It sounds like a typical prank call played by shock jocks across the country, but Douglas raised this to a level of comedic art, and he did what few if any of his colleagues ever do: he didn’t hurt or humiliate anyone.
After getting his patsy riled up and willing to take him on in a fight, Douglas would let the poor guy or gal in on the joke. Everyone would have a good laugh, and no one was worse for the wear. In other words, Douglas used a fundamental ethical principle as the basis of his humor: do no harm.

Fishin' TalesRead the rest of the article here:

January certainly has been a busy month for Roy! We brought out his new book, Fishin’ Tales in e-book format, available from Amazon at

His latest CD, Red, White & Bruised,  was released through Capitol Nashville/EMI Records this week.

RedWhite&BruisedCDRoy says, “Them folks at Capitol are about to unleash my latest fits of fury on a brand new album. I’m callin’ it RED, WHITE & BRUISED and it s an election year tribute chock full of equal opportunity pop knots, ringtones, and more that’ll put a whole new spin on seein’ stars and stripes.”

You can see it on Amazon:

Tulsa, Oklahoma radio announcer Brent Douglas created the Roy D. Mercer character  in the early 1990s. In 1997, Capitol Records Nashville released the first Roy D. Mercer albums, How Big ‘a Boy Are Ya?, Vols. 1 & 2. Since then, new Roy D. Mercer albums and collections have been released on a regular basis, building a comedy powerhouse that continues to thrive with more than 5 million albums sold to date.

Fishin’ Tales is Roy’s first book. It will soon be available at all major book e-tailers in e-book or print book form. The book focuses Mercer’s wit on the antics of his zany family and many colorful friends, with a few fishing tales thrown in.

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Here’s the post from Really nice write up and feature over there.
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Amanda Miller, an inquisitive journalist, is looking for distraction from a troubled home life when she crosses paths with Detective Terry Walkingstick, newly promoted and eager to prove himself.

Local police have just linked the disappearance of several area residents. A task force is created to investigate, but no one yet realizes a killer is hunting on the quiet suburban streets, snatching his victims without witnesses and seemingly at random.

When Terry and Amanda join forces, following the scant leads available, they discover what may be the elusive link between the missing people. Can a decades-old fire really be the connection’ And why do so many trails lead back to a local funeral home? Was a cunning serial killer forged in that fire?

The couple’s independent investigation uncovers leads and evidence, landing them in the middle of the case and in a killer’s crosshairs.

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