Roy D. Mercer’s ‘State Fair Follies’ Delivers More Laughs Than a Car Full of Clowns

Roy D. Mercer is best known for his colorful phone calls and threats of ass whuppin’s and pop knots, but people who really know Roy realize there’s more to him than misunderstandings. There’s family, there’s fishing, and there’s the State Fair!

The State Fair comes through in the fall, and it’s a magical time of year for so many in the double-wide community. The stars all align with great weather for football, fishing and fair going – it’s a redneck triple score!

State Fair Follies CoverLucky for us, our friend Roy keeps himself a little journal to document his colorful life. It is a great pleasure to share the state fair adventures of the Mercer clan, especially Roy, his wife Sharon Gene, son Raymond, and step-daughter Lateesha. And, of course, Lateesha’s dog, Bon Jovi.

Roy does love to recount the antics of his kids.

“These kids of mine … I swear, sometimes I feel like a daddy and other times I feel more like a chimp handler on a Tarzan movie,” Roy said. “But I guess all kids is that way. One minute they make you so proud of ‘em you cain’t hardly stand it. Next thing you know you catch ‘em lightin’ firecrackers in their teeth and playin’ chicken.”

I believe there’s even a mention or two of Kelly Gene and maybe Merva Gene. Roy is dedicated to his family, even when it’s his wife’s.

“Sharon Gene’s cousin Perlene’s bursitis flared up. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s right before the finals in the all-round blacksmith contest,” Roy said. “I think she had a perdy good chance, too. You see, Perlene had perfected her a way to blow air in just the right place so a horse would lift up its own foot so you could speed-shoe it usin’ both hands. Don’t know why I couldn’t of met that side of the family first.”

For those fans of Roy’s fishing stories, never fear, even the fair can’t keep Roy out of the water. He includes a few fishing trips, secret fishing holes, and maybe even some bait master secrets.

It’s always something at the Mercer trailer and there’s nothing like the state fair to get the house apes out and into the action.

boots (2)State Fair Follies is a short book, perfect for bathroom reading or waiting for a doctor visit. It’s 30 or so pages of Mercer zaniness. It is currently only 99 cents. For a full length book, check out Roy’s “Fishin’ Tales,” available as e-book for $4.99 or trade paperback for only $8.99 thanks to a sale on Amazon.

State Fair Follies at Amazon

Fishin’ Tales at Amazon

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