Woodpecker Adventure

While out exploring at the lake today, I spotted a woodpecker with a bright red head. I stopped to get pictures of him and discovered that woodpeckers store food. I never knew that. Squirrels and ants are famous for storing food for winter, but I never heard such tales about birds.

This guy was carefully hopping along the roof line of a trailer, searching for the perfect spot to hide his pecan. Once he selected a spot, he turned around and tapped the nut up under the shingles until you could no longer see it. He flew back to a nearby tree to get another nut once he had this one hidden.

Knowing what he was doing, I then really looked at the edge of the roof. It had several small humps in it that just have to be pecan stashes. The roof was new this summer, so it’s not warped.

Such an industrious bird! I snapped several pictures of his project to share in the gallery at the top of this post.