Mortal Choices Available on Amazon!

Lakehouse Publishing is proud to announce our first mystery book, Mortal Choices by D.E. Newcomb, is now available on Amazon as an e-book for only $2.99. The print version should be available in about two weeks.

Fire destroys without conscience.

It burns victims to ashes and evidence to dust.

Amanda Miller, an inquisitive journalist, is looking for distraction from a troubled home life when she crosses paths with Detective Terry Walkingstick, newly promoted and eager to prove himself.

Local police have just linked the disappearance of several area residents. A task force is created to investigate, but no one yet realizes a killer is hunting on the quiet suburban streets, snatching his victims without witnesses and seemingly at random.

When Terry and Amanda join forces, following the scant leads available, they discover what may be the elusive link between the missing people. Can a decades-old fire really be the connection? And why do so many trails lead back to a local funeral home? Was a cunning serial killer forged in that fire?

The couple’s independent investigation uncovers leads and evidence, landing them in the middle of the case and in a killer’s crosshairs.

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Mortal Choices Coming August 1

We are proud to announce the imminent release of our first mytery book, Mortal Choices, by D.E. Newcomb. The book will be available on Amazon in e-book form on August 1 and as a paperback August 15.

The cover was designed by D.C. Charles at BookGraphics and we think it’s stunning!

Here’s the back-of-book summary:


Fire destroys without conscience

Throughout the suburbs of Tulsa, people are disappearing at an alarming rate. The kidnappings spur the creation of a multi-jurisdictional task force. Who is this predator who hunts the quiet residential streets, snatching his victims without witnesses and seemingly at random?

Fire cremates victims to ashes and evidence to dust.

Detective Terry Walkingstick dreams of joining the task force, but he’s too green for the assignment.

Journalist Amanda Miller returns to her hometown for a funeral with no idea she is driving into a major family crisis, much less a murderous crime spree.

Pressure is mounting as Amanda and Terry team up, determined to solve the puzzle. When the two sleuths close in on the truth, their investigation shoots them to the top of a serial killer’s to-do list.

About the Author

D.E. Newcomb is a journalist with more than a decade’s experience and college degrees in both journalism and English. She spent many years on the beat as a newspaper and magazine reporter and editor before turning her attention to writing mystery fiction. Mortal Choices is her first published mystery and it is the first in the Mortal series. The second book, Mortal Deeds, is slated for publication in spring 2013.