Dairy Surprised, Hand Illustrated Children’s e-Book, Free May 22-23 on Amazon plus free Activity Book

Adventures of Sawyer & Finn

Adventures of Sawyer & Finn

Welcome to Sawyer and Finn, two little mouse cousins who live in the barn on a dairy farm. They have a grand adventure one Saturday in the barn with their friends Sam the horse and Polly the cow. They learn a thing or two about dairy products while they are at it.

“It’s Saturday, and anything can happen on Saturday,” says Saywer, a little mouse with a special talent.

To celebrate the launch of this new children’s book line, Lakehouse Publishing is offering the e-book for free download May 22 and 23 through Amazon. The e-book is normally value-priced at $2.99.

Both the e-book and paperback versions are fully illustrated with color drawings to keep the action lively.Finn laughs

Dairy Surprised, the first book in the of Sawyer & Finn Series, published by Lakehouse Publishing. The Sawyer & Finn books all include “A Twist of Science in Every Tale!”

In addition to the adventure story, the book includes Dairy Facts, Cow Facts, and directions for an age-appropriate science experiment.

The books also contain links back to the Dairy Surprised Activity Book, available for free download from Lakehouse Publishing. Download the Activity Book, with 12 pages of puzzles and coloring pages free now. It’s a safe PDF file with no cookies or spam links, ever.

So download the activity book from the link above, then swing by Amazon for the free color children’s adventure story, Dairy Surprised!, written by Amazon bestselling author Ann Chambers and illustrated by her son Anthony D. Chambers.



Dairy Surprised, Illustrated Children’s Book, Makes Science Fun With Farm Adventure

Dairy Surprised, a fun little book telling the adventures of two little mice, is now available on Amazon as an e-book or paperback.

The Adventures of Sawyer and Finn

A Twist of Science in Every Tale!

Adventures of Sawyer & Finn

Adventures of Sawyer & Finn

Sawyer and Finn are mice living in Farmer Huckleberry’s barn. They are cousins and best friends.

Dairy Surprised tells the story of their adventures one Saturday with Sam the horse and Polly the cow. Sawyer and Finn explore the barn and learn about cows and dairy products.

“It’s Saturday, and anything can happen on Saturday!” says Sawyer.

The book is fully illustrated with hand drawn and colored pictures throughout.

Suitable for children ages 4 to 8, Dairy Surprised includes educational material with more dairy and butter facts, a related science experiment for kids (with adult supervision), and links to Sawyer & Finn puzzles and coloring pages available for free download.

Finn waveDairy Surprised is currently exclusive to Amazon and costs only $2.99 for the e-book or $7.99 for the full-color paperback.

We are adding coloring pages and puzzles to the Lakehouse Publishing website, starting today! Click on the link to download any you would like. Lakehouse does not collect your information and would never allow any spam or cookies.

Coloring pages:

Finn Laughs

Sawyer Swims

Sawyer & Mom Coloring Page

Word Find Puzzles:

Sawyer & Finn Word Find

Farmer Huckleberry Puzzle

Download and enjoy! We’ll be adding more puzzles and coloring pages to the website and creating a special page for Sawyer & Finn’s adventures in the next couple of weeks. So be sure to bookmark us and come visit again.




Dairy Surprised is Coming Soon!

Dairy Surprised, our first hand-illustrated children’s book, will be available soon in e-book or print book formats. The artwork is starting to roll in, and it’s looking great!

Dairy Surprised is the story of mouse friends Sawyer and Finn and their adventure one Saturday. The mice live on a small farm with Sam the horse, Polly the cow, and of course Farmer Huckleberry.

While exploring the barn, the curious boys fall into a pail of milk and must use science to get out!

Dairy Surprised is the first in a series of lushly illustrated children’s books recounting the adventures of Sawyer and Finn. All the stories contain a science twist in the tale. The book are complete with enrichment materials and additional information about the topics discussed in the adventure.

Lakehouse Publishing is celebrating these books with free downloadable coloring pages and word search puzzles. Come back soon for more great free content and even more adventures!

Dairy Surpised is scheduled for publication in August.