Dairy Surprised, Hand Illustrated Children’s e-Book, Free May 22-23 on Amazon plus free Activity Book

Adventures of Sawyer & Finn

Adventures of Sawyer & Finn

Welcome to Sawyer and Finn, two little mouse cousins who live in the barn on a dairy farm. They have a grand adventure one Saturday in the barn with their friends Sam the horse and Polly the cow. They learn a thing or two about dairy products while they are at it.

“It’s Saturday, and anything can happen on Saturday,” says Saywer, a little mouse with a special talent.

To celebrate the launch of this new children’s book line, Lakehouse Publishing is offering the e-book for free download May 22 and 23 through Amazon. The e-book is normally value-priced at $2.99.

Both the e-book and paperback versions are fully illustrated with color drawings to keep the action lively.Finn laughs

Dairy Surprised, the first book in the of Sawyer & Finn Series, published by Lakehouse Publishing. The Sawyer & Finn books all include “A Twist of Science in Every Tale!”

In addition to the adventure story, the book includes Dairy Facts, Cow Facts, and directions for an age-appropriate science experiment.

The books also contain links back to the Dairy Surprised Activity Book, available for free download from Lakehouse Publishing. Download the Activity Book, with 12 pages of puzzles and coloring pages free now. It’s a safe PDF file with no cookies or spam links, ever.

So download the activity book from the link above, then swing by Amazon for the free color children’s adventure story, Dairy Surprised!, written by Amazon bestselling author Ann Chambers and illustrated by her son Anthony D. Chambers.



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As a special promotion, Touchdown Treats! is free to download from major online e-bookstores until the end of March.

Touchdown Treats! is a cookbook filled with 50 quick & easy dips and cheese ball recipes for great party spreads.

TouchdownTreats (2) (427x640)These taste sensations will make your next party the most delicious ever! Tried-and-true recipes for tantalizing treats will turn heads and delight your guests.

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Dips are a standard offering at any casual party because they are easy to prepare, fun and delicious to eat, and they can be easily expanded to serve any number of people. Unfortunately, there are a handful of acceptable but not fabulous dips that are standards at most parties.

These recipes will explode your dip choices with fun and fantastic new choices. Spice up your menu with these new ideas.

This book doesn’t contain every single dip ever invented, making you sort through hundreds of recipes to find a good one. It contains a handful of gems that will soon become your new favorites. Only 99 cents.

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Mortal Choices, Mystery, Free on Amazon Aug. 7 & 8

Here’s the link to see Mortal Choices by D.E. Newcomb on Amazon.


Amanda Miller, an inquisitive journalist, is looking for distraction from a troubled home life when she crosses paths with Detective Terry Walkingstick, newly promoted and eager to prove himself.

Local police have just linked the disappearance of several area residents. A task force is created to investigate, but no one yet realizes a killer is hunting on the quiet suburban streets, snatching his victims without witnesses and seemingly at random.

When Terry and Amanda join forces, following the scant leads available, they discover what may be the elusive link between the missing people. Can a decades-old fire really be the connection? And why do so many trails lead back to a local funeral home? Was a cunning serial killer forged in that fire?

The couple’s independent investigation uncovers leads and evidence, landing them in the middle of the case and in a killer’s crosshairs.

Gourmet Ice Pops for Kids & Adults – Free June 19-20 on Amazon

We launched Gourmet Ice Pops through a special program called Amazon Select, but our time in that program is almost over. We are offering the book for free June 19-20 as a special promotion.

Here’s the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007SPP0I2

Gourmet Ice Pops includes more than 50 delicious recipes with tips and notes to help you create your own variations! Includes color photos and illustrations to make the book more entertaining plus a hyperlinked table of contents for ease of use.

This book is full of recipes and ideas for delicious, gourmet ice pops, divided into 3 sections — kids favorites, gourmet flavors, and adults only (recipes with alcoholic ingredients). Skim through the Table of Contents and you’re sure to find your new favorite!

Bleu Blue Nachos For a Change of Pace

The local newspaper recently ran a recipe for Bleu (or Blue) Nachos and it caught my attention. I decided to give it a try. I just love nachos, but don’t have many variations that are terribly interesting. Sometimes I add sliced olives – Oooh. Sometimes not.

So the blue cheese sauce idea sparked my interest. Plus it called for blue tortilla chips. I just love those!

Here’s the adapted recipe. Give it a try for a change of pace.

Blue Nachos

Blue corn chips

Blue cheese sauce (recipe follows)

Bacon, chopped

Onions, chopped (Sweet onions or green onions are prettier)

Walnuts, chopped – optional

Place chips on a large plate and cover with the cheese sauce then add toppings. I used Vidalia onions because they are in season, but green onions would add a lot more to the color and presentation of the dish.

To serve for a party, set out cheese sauce in a small crock pot or other container that will keep it warm with a bowl of chips on the side. Add the toppings to the cheese sauce or set them out in small bowls also.

Blue Cheese Sauce

2 cups milk

1/2 stick butter

1/4 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 tablespoon honey

5 ounces blue cheese, crumbled

Heat milk in a saucepan until simmering. (I used skim milk because it’s what I had on hand. Whole milk would doubtless make a richer sauce, but the skim milk worked just fine.)

Add pepper, honey and cheese and cook on low heat until cheese has melted.

In a separate sauté pan, heat the butter until it melts, then stir in flour to make a roux. Cook the roux for a few minutes on low heat.

Add roux to milk mixture a little at a time, whisking to blend and thicken the cheese sauce. Continue adding roux until the desired thickness is reached.

This recipe made enough sauce for 2 big platters of nachos with generous sauce and toppings.

For more great party food ideas, check out Touchdown Treats: Quick & Easy Dips and Cheese Ball Recipes for a Winning Party. It is currently free online for a limited time promotion. Pick up a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo or Smashwords.