Grandma Newcomb’s Peanut Butter & Cereal Cookies

Guest post by D.E. Newcomb, author of Mortal Choices

When I was a kid, I often spent a couple of weeks with my grandmother during the summer. She lived in a nice trailer out in the country in Missouri and I loved staying with her. She had a pump well for extra water, which was interesting. And when we went to grocery she let me pick whatever cereal I wanted. At home we only had Wheaties, Cheerios, and such. I will never forget my disappointment the time I picked Lucky Charms. The tiny marshmallows were super fun and delicious, but the actual cereal was disgusting (to my 7 year-old taste buds, at least).

One of my favorite activities with grandma was cooking with her. And the best thing we made was peanut butter and rice cereal cookies. My older sisters say she got the original recipe off a box of cereal¬†back in the day. I don’t know. I only know these are wonderful, easy-to-make cookies, and as far as I know nobody makes them anymore. Except in my family. We don’t do the Rice Crispies and marshmallow bar cookies. Oh, no. These are so much better.

Peanut Butter & Rice Cereal Cookies

1 cup clear corn syrup (Karo)

1 cup sugar

Bring syrup and sugar to boil in a large pan. Remove from heat.


12 ounce jar peanut butter (smooth or chunky)

Stir until combined, then add:

2 1/2 cups Rice Crispies (store brand works fine)

2 1/5 cups Rice Chex (store brand works fine)

Once mixed, drop onto waxed paper. This is easiest if you use 2 soup spoons. Scoop out cookie with one and use the other to swipe it off the spoon and onto the waxed paper. This recipe also works for bar cookies. Just press cookie dough into a greased square pan, let it cool, and cut into squares.

These cookies are addictive, and I insist that they are also breakfast bites. They are primarily peanut butter and cereal after all. I know that sounds a little crazy, but these have to have more nutrition than a donut. Try these out. You’ll also be looking for ways to justify eating 10 or 12 a day.


(D.E. Newcomb is the author of Mortal Choices, now available for $2.99 on Amazon)

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