Semi-Homemade Soup for a Winter’s Day

It’s a cold and blustery Sunday here and the weather has me thinking about soup. There are few things more comforting and warming in this kind of weather. Last winter I had a delicious bowl of soup at a friend’s house, and when I asked for the recipe, I was stunned to discover how easy this soup is to make. It’s cheating, sort of, because it starts with canned soup, but the final result is wonderful.

It also makes enough soup to have leftovers for lunches this week! Give this soup a try. Big thanks to Kim M. for sharing this great recipe.

7 Can Soup

3 cans hearty minestrone soup

2 cans stewed tomatoes, diced

2 cans ranch style beans

1 can Rotel diced

1 pound Velveeta

1 tablespoon Worcestershire

1 tablespoon garlic salt

Brown 1 1/2 lb ground beef (or turkey) with 1 chopped onion. Drain. Add remaining ingredients. Good with grated cheese and Fritos on top.

Recipe – C.C.’s Salsa

We think is the best Salsa recipe around! It’s great by itself with chips, on any Mexican food, or to spice up your HCG meals! In the winter, when the fresh tomatoes lack flavor, try using 3 or 4 cans of tomatoes with few or no fresh tomatoes. Still delicious!

C.C.’s Salsa
16 medium tomatoes (whole or diced canned tomatoes may be substituted)
2 14.5-oz. cans stewed tomatoes
1 medium to large onion
1 tablespoon sliced red jalapeno peppers (mince them)
3 tablespoons granulated garlic (can use minced garlic, but granulated is better)
1-2 tablespoons salt, to taste
1 bunch of cilantro leaves, no stems

Blend ingredients together in food processor. This works better if you chop the onion, and run it through the processor with some tomatoes for liquid. If your onion is too hot, a dash of sugar may be added to offset.

Taste it after it is all blended and stirred together. Depending on your tomatoes, you may want a bit more salt and garlic. A sprinkle of garlic salt over the whole batch may be just what is needed if it isn’t extremely delicious.

Makes about a gallon. Lasts at least a week in refrigerator. Recipe can be cut in half, but this stuff is addictive and you will likely wish you had made the full recipe!

This recipe is included in 25 Quick & Easy HCG Recipes and Touchdown Treats!