MommaSaysRead Recommends Mortal Choices, Murder Mystery

Murder mystery Mortal Choices is bringing great reviews. We wanted to share the latest, from a great website called MommaSaysRead.

What does Momma have to say about Mortal Choices? She says Read!

MORTAL WEB small“Mortal choices is definitely a great read! I found the book to be a little gruesome in the beginning but its necessary to the book and really not gratuitous. It’s a very fast-paced book so be prepared to read this one cover to cover. It is a great mystery and kept me reading to the very end. The writing is very well done. You can tell that the author is a seasoned writer as it is well proofed and edited, which is always a bonus.

“I liked that I was kept guessing – duh, I like mystery. But Mortal Choices doesn’t drag or slow down at all. The story didn’t feel at all contrived. It was fresh and intriguing.

“I would definitely recommend It anyone who is up for a fast-pace deep mystery.”

The Mortal e-book is only $2.99 and the paperback $9.99 at any major online e-book retailer.

If you haven’t heard of MommaSaysRead yet, check out the website. It is full of free and bargain books, book reviews, author reviews and more. They are also preparing to do a huge book giveaway.

There are a good number of websites tracking free and bargain books, but Momma has one of the cleanest and easiest to navigate. So stop by and have a look.


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